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About the
Bandee Pakshee


Founded by acclaimed courtesan retiree Z'zhumi Umi and managed since its Grand Opening by legendary Madame and songstress Andromeda Laruzedah, the Bandee Pakshee takes its inspiration from the near-eastern nation of Thavnair. But more than a purveyor of comforts, the Pakshee dedicated itself to the formal education of those who provide pleasures -- be they in the form of dance, food, massage or intimate services.


As part of a holistic philosophy of comfort the pillowhouse pursues, its services range from the simple joys of atmosphere, food, shisha and drink to the intimate comforts of courtesany to the providing of mental and physical healthcare. A full list of Pakshee services can be found below. 

Licensed by Ul'Dahni Syndicate authorities as a formal Courtesan Guild in late 7AE3, the Bandee Pakshee has made bringing the work of Eorzean courtesans into a safer, more equitable and more respected landscape a core philosophy since its founding. The Pakshee has pursued this strengthening of the sex work industry internationally, both through education and legal advocacy.  In 7AE4, the Pakshee established the Red Light Society -- a group of leading brothels, pillowhouses and other providers of pleasure to better pursue common objectives and provide essential services to sex workers across Hydaelyn.

The Pakshee has also changed the game in terms of the Eorzean social scene. From rave reviews of Pakshee street faires to showcasing different cultures and genres of music, the Pakshee has taken the typical formulae of musical revues and bazaars and turned them sideways. Be it at Burning Miqo or the Great Ishgardian Frostfaire, the Bandee Pakshee sets the bar in entertainment.

Our Venue

Located at the beautiful Brimming Heart of the Goblet, Pakshee stands poolside at possibly the most refreshing site in Eorzea. 

The Pakshee's upper floor acts as our Main Stage while our basement is the Lotus Lounge Bar, but more than that Pakshee boasts a number of facilities for various dedicated services, from the Verdant Cafe to massage suites and even a medical ward. 

Pakshee's cleaning staff is expert in discretion and effectiveness providing a best-in-class environment with total confidentiality, and the security of the Bandee Pakshee consists primarily of a workforce well-trained in self-defense as well as potent anti-aggression magics that can be called upon to dampen the flow of hostile aether. 

Our lobby includes a shrine to the Goddess Lakshmi. Not only is Lakshmi patron of our Ananta workforce, but she symbolizes the kind of beauty and delight that is core to the business the Pakshee provides, making her a suitable icon for the establishment.

And of course, Bandee Pakshee has a host of other unusual accouterments, including an evidently living Matanga state named Hathi.

Our Services

The core philosophy of a holistic approach to comfort and pleasure is what sets the Pakshee apart from the pack! Whatever our guests need, we are eager to provide!

These services include

■  Intimate Courtesan Services  ■

■  Event Planning and Catering  ■

■  Massage, Manicures, Pedicures and Other Pampering  ■

■  Our Fully-Stocked Lotus Lounge Bar  ■

■  Our Talented Pakshee Performers  ■

■  Food with Thavnairian Flair by Wonder Chef Rixia  ■

■  High-Quality Desserts by Lavender Moon Creamery  ■

■  Hookahs and Select Shisha Blends imported from Thavnair  ■

■  Thavnairian Imports like Perfumes, Oils and Incense  ■

■  Women's and Reproductive Medicine  ■

■  Therapy and Counseling  ■

■  Social and other Non-Intimate Escort Services  ■

■  Venue Rental for Your Private or Public Events  ■

■  Promotions and Staff Parties for Your Business  ■

■  And Many More!  ■ 

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