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Melting the Snows of Empyrean

A Little Thavnair in
the Frozen North

The Bandee Pakshee brings comforts of all sorts to the people of Eorzea, with a distinct Near East flair.

Be it anything from intimate companionship to the Mythril Eye's best-rated lassi in the West and everything between, the Pakshee takes a holistic view of comfort and pleasure. Whatever soothes your weary soul, the Caged Birds provide.

As part of this view, Bandee Pakshee has exclusive contracts with Wonder Chef Rixia, Lavender Moon Creamery and other purveyors of delicious foods to fill out a menu both rich in comfort food and with a clear Hannish flair. And our regular shipments from Radz-at-Han bring the latest perfumes, shisha, silks and incense from the Near East to our customers.

Empyrean W15 P30


Intended for In-Character Use Only

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