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Our Rules
Our Rules




  • We permit charging gil for roleplay services. If a member requests an associated fee, please be respectful and do not attempt to pressure them to waive this charge or adjust their price.

  • The Pakshee is a non-combat zone for the safety of our members and guests. Fighting will not be tolerated and weapons must be checked at the door.

  • Our Cardinal Rule: Don't be a Jerk!

  • The Pakshee is 18+ IC/OOC, both to join and partake in much of our roleplay. Anyone found to be underage may be removed.

  • The Pakshee does not tolerate bigoted language, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fascism or other inflammatory behaviors. When in doubt, use discretion. 

  • Stalking or harassment of members or guests IC or OOC is not welcome and will result in ejection or mass blacklisting.

  • Deliberate provocation of others or inciting others to violate Pakshee's rules will not be tolerated. 

  • If things get heated out of character, contact a member of Management. Do not take matters into your own hands. 

  • The Pakshee has a system of proportional response to violations of these rules that include but are not limited to blocking participation in certain areas/channels permanently or temporarily, temporary revoking of Discord posting privileges (Silencing), temporary and permanent ejection from Pakshee spaces and other actions deemed necessary. 

  • All rules apply in-game, on our Discord server, on this site and in any other Pakshee space. ​

  • Other individual channels, events or spaces may have additional general rules.

  • Client confidentiality is a must.

  • Uniforms determined by department are to be worn at events, unless performing or adhering to event aesthetic in an approved way. Sample uniforms can be seen here.

  • Courtesans are expected to actually roleplay in and outside of the bedroom. We are not an ERP/Kink alt FC. ERP is never required or expected from non-Courtesan members.

  • Members who for one reason or another must go on hiatus are expected to notify Management. Absent this, a character who does not log in for 30 days will be listed as Inactive. Not logging in for 90 days without notifying Management is grounds for dismissal without prejudice. 

  • All adult activities and erotic roleplay must be kept out of the public sphere.

  • We only allow two characters per player in the Free Company, but if you donate one Room to provide a needed public space we'll allow a third. 

  • Your actions reflect on the Bandee Pakshee. If Management determines those actions are reflecting poorly on the company, action may be taken. 

  • Mechanical membership in the Bandee Pakshee free company is not required to be considered employed by the Pakshee, however formal membership is viewed favorably for issues like Certification. 

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